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Creative imagination is being hijacked by marketing mechanisms. Storytelling is used in branding, politics and management to shape behaviour and channel emotions; it leads us to identify with models and to conform to protocols. This new narrative order of the storytelling machine, is a more effective means of oppression than Orwell ever dreamt.

The Post-truth fiction programme investigates alternative ways of constructing a narrative and new possible forms of authorship.

This first edition (#1) is a 3 day workshop and a 1 day conference in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Together, we investigate working as a writing & publishing collective. How can writing become a way of escaping the constraints of modern storytelling?

3 day Workshop (June 21 – 23)

Under the editorial guidance of teachers of ArtEZ university of the arts, and writers and editors of Wintertuin, a Dutch literary production house, and inspired by a number of international guest speakers, you will be working in small groups on prototyping new writing and publishing form(s).

Want to participate?
The call is open from May 1st. Would you like to receive information on how to apply? Mail to

1 day Conference (June 24th)

On Saturday the 24th the conference will take place, with presentations of the prototyping results of the workshops, a panel discussion and a keynote lecture.

The Post-truth fiction website will be launched May 1st!