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During the Post-truth fiction #1 workshop (21-23 June) there will be public lectures in the morning and in the afternoon. Guest speakers from different backgrounds will share their point of view on finding a way out of ‘the storytelling machine’.

Co-founder and board member of the Centre of Internet & Society in Bangalore, India, Nishant Shah is focused on the question of how we can remain human in a technological environment.
Wednesday 21-6 | Lokaal 72 | 4:15 PM | Free admission

Dan Hassler-Forest works as Assistant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University. He has published books and articles on superhero movies, comics, transmedia storytelling, adaptation studies, critical theory, and zombies.
Thursday 22-6 | Theater a/d Rijn | 9:30 AM | Free admission

Lisa Weeda  writes prose, theater and non-fiction. In 2015/2016 she traveled to Ukraine to investigate her grandmother’s homeland. In November 2016 her chapbook De benen van Petrovski, a literary report of that trip, was published.
Thursday 22-6 | Theater a/d Rijn | 4:15 AM | Free admission

Founder of PAPA participating artists’ press agency Lino Hellings is currently teaching at the Amsterdam Film academy. As a curated network of artists-correspondents, PAPA occupies the middle ground between ‘crowdsourcing’ and a ‘top-down’ press agency.
Friday 23-6 | Theater a/d Rijn | 9:30 AM | Free admission

Jannah Loontjens is a philosopher and writer. Her novel What Time Really (2011) was nominated for the Halewijn Literature Prize. Loontjens teaches literary theory and literary writing at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.
Friday 23-6 | Theater a/d Rijn | 4:15 PM | Free admission


On saturday the results and experiences of the workshop will be presented. There will be keynote lectures by Bram Ieven and Niels Schrader. The conference will end with a panel discussion with, among others, Maarten van der Graaff and Dennis Gaens. How do we deal with the prevailing idea that everything has to be a story? How do we make sure literature and art escape the compulsion of ‘storytelling’?

Saturday 24-6 | Theater a/d Rijn | 12-4 PM | Free admission, reserve a seat